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Our Mission

RESTORE your movement.

REDEEM your health.

REDEFINE your life without pain. 

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Our Hybrid Method

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Honolulu that is different and is more sports based, more exercises oriented, then you have come to the right spot!


At TRIO Health, we use a combination of myofascial release, chiropractic care, and functional rehabilitation exercises to not only remove pain, but to treat the cause and promote health.


This hybrid approach has allowed many patients to regain hope into living a pain free life again!

Our Approach

Phase 1

Reduce Pain

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Nerve Irritation

Phase 2


Restore Range of Motion

Restore Joint Position

Restore Muscular Tonicity

Phase 3

Regain Muscular Control

Regain Joint Function

Regain Coordination

Phase 4

Optimize Body Function

Optimize Injury Prevention

Optimize Health


Think of your body in layers

1. Outer Layer - Our Muscles

We use different myofascial release techniques including Myosfascial Release Technique (MRT), Instrumenst Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilzation (IASTM), Cupping, Kinesiology Taping, etc, to help relieve muscle related pain and dysfunction.

2. Middle Layer - Our Joints

We use chiropractic adjustments to segments where the joints are fixated to "reset" the range of motion, flexibility, muscle function, and nervous system needed in our body. These adjustments will also help to lubricate our joints and promote healing within our body.

3. Inner Layer - Our Nerves

We use functional rehabilitation exercises to help reeducate the control of our bodies movement to help attain better posture. This allows the adjustment to "set in" and helps us to ultimately achieve long term benefit, leading to a pain free lifestyle.

Ready To Get Started? 

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